June 15, 2022: Fix

I got this bike as a gift about five years ago, and it’s been in storage pretty much the entire time. I probably should’ve let it go years ago, especially when we moved from Florida, instead of adding to the moving truck’s weight, but I have an irrational love for Electra bikes (it comes from having had two Electra bikes stolen back when I lived in Miami), especially for the Townie (cause seriously, look at the curves on that bike) so I hanged on to it, telling myself over and over, “One day I’ll get it fixed. One day.”

Last week I said enough is enough, and I ordered the parts and tools I needed to get it running once more.

I am not a handy person at all, but I’ve been inspired to do more with my hands, especially by Van Neistat’s The Spirited Man series, and the book Shop Class as Soulcraft by Matthew B. Crawford, to get in there and do things, figure it out, die trying. So I watched a few YouTube videos, sat outside like I knew what I was doing, and got my bike back in riding shape. It feels wonderful to have done that myself. What’s more, I could tell there were a few things that still needed some tweaking, tightening, or replacing, and my first thought wasn’t “take it to the shop,” but instead, “I got this.”

I. Got. This.

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