March 26, 2023: Headache

The constant headache I have makes it hard to look at a screen for too long, so it’s a short post today.


March 24, 2023: You

Pineapple with sunglasses and birthday hat. Photo by Pineapple Supply Co. on

You are unique.

You are unlike all others in your genealogy, and for that, you shine. If that brilliance blinds others, that’s on them, not you.

You are caring, kind, and selfless. You feel for others, care for others, live for others, all on a regular day.

You are brave and unstoppable. There is no “can’t” in your lexicon. Once, someone said “no” to you, and you haven’t stopped proving them wrong.

You are fragile and delicate, possessed of a heart of gold that you just can’t help but share with those you love.

You are smart, so freaking smart, and wise. You have knowledge and savvy, and people who underestimate you are in for a big surprise.

You are clever, witty, and funny. I think I’m funny, but you are truly funny in ways that dazzle, amaze, and bring forth genuine laughter.

You are beautiful. Gorgeous. Stunning. You still take my breath away, and that will never cease to be.

You are a bona fide gift from God, and I am so happy, humbled, and honored that I get to share my life with you.

March 23, 2023: Trends

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Some trends and stats from a year of doing this daily blog.

  • Subscribers: 6 (used to be 7, so I lost one sometime after January)
  • Best day for posting: Tuesday – overwhelmingly, more people read my posts on Tuesdays than any other day
  • Best time for reading: 10:00 AM – I post usually around 7:00 AM, but mid-morning seems to be the best time for people to read
  • Most popular topic: Gaming, although posts where I share personal stories tend to do very well, too
  • Least popular topic: Newsletter posts – But I’m still gonna include them, so oh well
  • Most viewed post: May 30, 2022: Memorial
  • Total words written in 2022: 59,928
  • Total words written in 2023 (so far, this post excluded): 10,806

March 22, 2023: Newsletter

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March 21, 2023: Still

Farmhouse on a grassy plain, with trees and mountains in the background. Photo by Pixabay on

I know I haven’t talked about this in a while, but this is still my dream: the house/cabin near the woods where we can have a small farm, be closer to nature, and slightly less dependent on modern society.

The picture I chose for this post is the epitome of that idyllic dream, what with the fall foliage and snow-capped mountains in the distance, but it does exemplify the dream, or more accurately, the story that the dream inspires for me.

I know the realities of my dream living situation are harsh, and comprised of a lot of hard work and sacrifice, but the story of that dream is self-reliance, connectedness, simplicity, and peace, so even if I can’t have the dream in the literal sense, I still want the story that dream represents, and that is achievable regardless of where I am.

March 18, 2023: Mend

When a relationship has been torn, what responsibility does the aggrieved have in the mending process?

Do they have an obligation to give the aggressor the chance to mend? Do they wait until the other party makes an effort? Do they initiate?

I’m tired of being the bigger person, of taking the high road, only to get taken advantage of and burned time and time again.

March 17, 2023: Abandonment

Photo by Jeswin Thomas on

Shoutout* to my brain for dredging up old feelings of abandonment I’ve never dealt with as the primary ingredient for my dream last night.

Because that’s what I wanted to relive while in subconscious REM sleep land.

* And by “Shoutout” I mean đź–•đź–•đź–•.