May 06, 2022: Spirited

The Spirited Man logo by Van Neistat.

For some time now I’ve been subscribed to Van Neistat’s YouTube channel, The Spirited Man. I got the link from my friend Berin, and I trust him implicitly in terms of the media he recommends. Once again, he was not wrong.

The name Van Neistat meant nothing to me when I subscribed. I did it based on the videos he had made at that point, and they were phenomenal. Short and punchy, more mini movie essays than the standard YouTube fare. They were, quite simply, art.

In the year or so I’ve been following the channel, I’ve only watched about 40% of his videos, something I am fixing by going down the line one by one. There’s so much in there to chew on, videos about repairing things and what that means in a disposable society, videos about things he learned while living in New York City and working for Tom Sachs, videos about his artistic peculiarities, videos about running, his Toyota truck, filmmaking, and more. They are about him but not about him at all, but rather the human condition through him.

The spirited man knows he is a spirited man.

Van Neistat

I enjoy my televised sugary snacks just fine, but following the analogy, The Spirited Man is that gourmet dish with ingredients you’ve only seen in cooking shows that once you eat it makes you wonder, how the hell do you go back to processed meat again?

I highly recommend you check the channel out. I’ll leave you with the promo video Neistat made for The Spirited Man, as it sets up the whole tone and vibe.

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