June 16, 2022: Insomnia

Photo by SHVETS production on Pexels.com

I normally write these posts the night prior to their publication date, or sometimes early in the morning. Last night I was still trying to figure out what to write about today, and as I tossed around in bed for two hours before I finally fell asleep, only to wake up again an hour later, the topic dawned on me: insomnia.

I’ve slept terribly this whole week, no doubt a combination of anxiety over being back at work, and side effects from my new medication. I manage to fall asleep, yes, but it takes effort, I sleep fitfully, wake up several times a night, and have been racking up a tiredness debt to rival the national debt. Today in particular is a bad day: It’s 9 am and I’m up to my third cup of coffee. I know I’m gonna pay for it later today.

I just gotta make it to the weekend and then I can take some melatonin and hopefully sleep better. The side effects I know will level out as the medication builds up in my system, at least that’s what all the literature tells me. As tired as I am, I haven’t been short-tempered, which I’m gonna take as a good sign that the med is doing its job.

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