June 18, 2022: Neopolis

I’ve written and released a new gaming supplement for DoubleZero (Director’s Cut) by Lightspress Media.

“A city isn’t so unlike a person. They both [...] tear things down and make new again.” ~ Rasmenia Massoud

NEOPOLIS presents a collection of high-tech spy-fi city locations that can be used as districts of Neopolis, or independently as part of your own urban center. From the neon glitz of The Orchard to the concrete sprawl of Blocktown, down the twisting streets of The Maze through the Silver Gate at the Arche D'Argent, the city beckons with its wonders, secrets, and riches.

NEOPOLIS features six fully-stated locations with overviews, notable areas, contacts, hooks, and new rules, including rules for locations and a new trait.

DoubleZero © Berin Kinsman. Used by permission.

You can buy it from DriveThruRPG for $3.00.

Lightspress’ DoubleZero keeps inspiring me to make these modular game supplements where I go browse Unsplash and other royalty-free photography sites, find evocative images that hint at a story, then let loose writing the tale that unfolds. What’s neat is that, slowly, from all these mini stories, a larger tale is emerging, and I’m having fun getting to discover it as much as my readers are.

It’s been a great excercise in contrast to the more structured essay work I’m working on for the next issue of Rhymes With Seen, or the more formatted design work I’m doing for the next issue of Zine of Wondrous Power. If those are songs written following certain genre rules, the DoubleZero Mission Files are more akin to jam sessions caught on tape.

I’ll stop with the musical analogy.

Check out NEOPOLIS, and I hope you enjoy it.

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