April 23, 2022: DoubleZero

Photo by Mikhail Nilov on Pexels.com

My friend Berin just published DoubleZero (Director’s Cut), the new edition of his tabletop role-playing game for telling skill-driven modern stories. The name is an homage to Bond’s 007 and the old RPG from Victory Games, which provided the inspiration.

I’m excited to dig into this game. As much as I love fantasy role-playing games, I have a place in my heart for modern games as well, and DoubleZero hits all the things I want out of an RPG for non-fantastical tales: easy-to-learn system, emphasis on skilled characters, and a focus on the story. Although the first thing that comes to mind is using DoubleZero to run games in the spy genre like James Bond or Mission: Impossible, the truth is this is perfect for something along the lines of The Fast & The Furious movies, or even a Batman-inspired game of expert-skilled, gadget-flinging street-level heroes. In fact, I think I’m gonna build a set of NPCs with adventure hooks based on that premise and make a zine out of it!

Check out the Designer’s Thoughts from the creator, and get your copy at DriveThruRPG or Amazon.