May 22, 2023: Regularity

An alarm clock showing 7 o'clock. Photo by Aphiwat  chuangchoem on

My goal is to always have a post ready to go at seven in the morning of each day. That way the post has populated to social media via autoshares and is there for when people are scrolling at the start of their day. I’ve never done any kind of deep dive into my metrics to see at what time my posts are read on average, but anecdotally speaking, early morning is a good rule of thumb.

Things don’t always go according to plan, however. This post, for example, is being written and published around nine thirty in the morning while I take a coffee break at work. And this past weekend I had two posts that I ended up publishing late in the evening. I used to beat myself up about it, but I’m working on being nicer to myself, and that includes acknowledging that sometimes, the posts are gonna go up later than my goal time, and that living life is more important than publishing a daily blog post.

Now, so far I’ve always found the time to write a post, even if late in the day, but it’s not a practice I want to make a habit. I realize that scheduling posts isn’t always a possibility, but I’m okay with ‘morning’ being a realistic goal if I can’t hit the seven AM bullseye. It helps to keep me regular in my writing, and to keep readers knowing what to expect and reading with regularity.

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