March 15, 2023: Compromise

Compromise by Nick Youngson CC BY-SA 3.0 Alpha Stock Images.

Learning to compromise is one of the hardest lessons to learn on the road to adulthood. It’s an important one, at the heart of successful relationships, especially when done with respect and concern for all parties involved. When it works, it’s one of the best tools for a happy life.

Unfortunately, compromise is also something done out of necessity sometimes simply for survival, usually at a greater cost to one party than the other. Working for a living is a good example, since most people tend to do jobs they have to in order to earn money to live. It may be that the job has enjoyable moments, but the nature of capitalism is such that at some point necessity trumps ideals or desire, and you do what you need to do in order to earn your paycheck. The trick to navigating this icky situation is to make sure (as much as possible) that those compromises you make to make it through are tolerable, and not things that end up tarnishing your soul.

This is on my mind due to a short conversation with my friend about the latest project they finished, not something they cared for much but had to do in order to earn their pay, and the various projects I have to navigate working in the corporate side of healthcare as part of my job.

2 thoughts on “March 15, 2023: Compromise”

  1. The problem is that other people don’t want to compromise, so the people trying to be kind and cooperative tend to get steamrollered too often. I say “compromise, but maintain boundaries”. Know what you’re not willing to give up, and what lines you won’t allow to be crossed.

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