March 13, 2023: Memory

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I was talking to my daughter last night, and she was complaining about not being good at remembering things. I told her I have the same problem, I tend to forget things quite quickly. I pointed out to her that we are both good at remembering some things, like songs or parts from our favorite shows, it’s short-term bits of information that we have a hard time nailing down.

I wish I knew why this is, what makes some people’s brain be so much better at retaining small packets of information in the short term. My wife, for example, is extremely good at remembering short-term things, while I tend to have a better long-term memory. I don’t know if it’s a matter of training, or if you’re stuck with the memory skills you have. I’ve grown more reliant on lists because of this, although I also tend to forget to jot things down so I won’t forget them.

And as I write this, I just remembered something I’ve been meaning to do for a week now and kept forgetting to.

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