January 23, 2023: Library

Photo by Rafael Cosquiere on Pexels.com

I love my library; I love libraries in general, but I have a special love for my local library. Servicing the whole county, it has branches all over the various towns and neighborhoods in my area, meaning I have a branch a few minutes away anywhere I am. The book selection is great, and they’re able to move materials around the branches quite quickly if needed. Although I like to buy books from time to time, I also make liberal use of the library to keep my reading lists going.

I particularly love using my library to get ebooks for my Kindle, this being the fastest way I can get new books to read, as well as audiobooks for my commute. This weekend I also found that one of the branches near my house has a section called Library of Things where you can check out items other than books such as video games, board games, use of a 3-D printer, and to my great surprise, role-playing games! I checked out the Numenera Starter Set by Monte Cook Games, a game I’ve known about for a while but have never read. I’ll have to check if they have other role-playing games to borrow at a later time.

Libraries rock.

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