September 20, 2022: Fiona

Pretty much on the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Maria (that’s today, btw), Puerto Rico just got hit by Hurricane Fiona (Sep 18). From what I’m seeing online, and hearing from friends and family on the island, the southern coast seems to have gotten the brunt of the storm, although I’ve seen pics of towns in the central mountains and northwest coast dealing with massive flooding, mudslides, and of course, the near-total loss of power.

My island is once again drowning, and the news channels are far more interested in a dead old woman in England.

My island is once again without power, and the American corporate oligarchs and the local corrupt and traitorous politicians are lining their pockets with blood money.

My island is once again in need, and I wonder when will it end.

My family is okay (thanks to those who asked), but my island, and my heart, are not.

Coño, when will it be enough?

4 thoughts on “September 20, 2022: Fiona”

  1. I am now reading about how, because the “king” declared a holiday and everything was shut down or disrupted, other British peoples’ funerals had to be rescheduled, people had surgeries they’d already waited months or weeks for canceled, chemotherapy appointments were canceled, and food banks were shut down leaving poor people hungry. GRRR.

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