September 19, 2022: Restart

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I don’t know why, but I have this feeling inside of me that this week is a restart of something. Maybe it’s because last week was so busy at work and I barely had time to breathe, or maybe it’s because I’m feeling the best I have in ages. Whatever the reason, instead of fighting it, or brushing it off, I’m leaning into it, leaning into that restart energy.

There are a couple of practices I’d like to make a more regular part of my life, like journaling, reading the Bible, and writing, so let’s build them into my weekly schedule intentionally. I want to eat better, and I’ve let myself go, so let’s get on that once more. I want to be more frugal with my finances, so let’s work on that budget.

Lean into it. Any day is a good day to start again.

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